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Support Center


Client is a financial technology company build by developers for developers. As it grew, more user types became invested in other elements of the product; e.g. business administrators, finance and accounting, reporting and reconciliation, etc. The Support Center had to account for all the varying user types coming on board to their accounts.

Image by Scott Graham
Image by Procreator UX Design Studio


In conjunction with the Marketing team, customer journeys were developed based on Ideal Client Profiles. These journeys were then translated into onboarding and support materials that were used in email campaigns and the support center itself.


As with any project I work on, collaboration with other experts within the company was crucial to understanding who were the users that required guided paths through the API, as well as the user interface as it was built out as the company grew.

Interviewing others in the company became crucial to fully understanding the business's customers, who their ideal client profiles were, and whom they were actively trying to exclude in their materials. Developers and business administrators are vastly different, so too was their targeted content.



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