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Customer Experience Resources I Recommend

There are the typical books that everyone talks about in Customer Support: Zappos, Delivering Happiness and The Nordstrom Way. They are great books and I recommend reading them. However, there are many great resources out there and here are some I’ve relied on for my continued learning.

The Effortless Experience by Matthew Dixon - This was the book that got me excited about being involved in customer feedback and product improvements. It argues that customer effort, not customer delight, is the best way to create customer loyalty. In other words, simplifying the customer experience such that it’s simple, intuitive, and even pleasurable, is stronger than small moments of wow.

The Art of Explanation - This book is gold. Anyone who wants to simplify and improve their explanation abilities can benefit from it. I view it as fundamental for any customer-facing team.

Turn The Ship Around - After reading this in a management bookclub, I’ve adopted it as my management style. TTSA dives into (pun SO intended) the life of a Naval Submarine Captain and his desire to promote accountability and responsibility amongst his crew. He’s given one of the most poorly performing subs in an effort to turn them around and he takes an approach not normally sanctioned by the military, but his commanding officer allows him some leeway. He gives control over processes, actions, and ramifications to the men and women who are on the front lines. By doing so, he creates leaders who take ownership over their domain and learn to work as a very strong unit. Highly recommend this book.

Crucial Conversations - This may look like a cheesy business book, and it probably is, but it has a forthright approach to conversations that can normally be charged with fear and anxiety. A great resource to remind you that what you say and what you do should be in alignment. For example, a conversation between two team members. One team member is saying they want to work with the other, while simultaneously bad-mouthing the second team member behind their back. There’s a companion book called Crucial Accountability that’s also great.

I’m also a big fan of the HelpScout and Chargify blogs. HelpScout because it’s just a great resource for all things customer support. Chargify because it does a great job breaking down a complicated product and domain into easily digestible pieces for its audience.

Note: some of these are affiliate links. I make a very small percentage of any sales made through affiliate links.

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